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Nihongo Bin - 9/24/13 @ 7pm @ Huh!

  • Tue, September 24, 2013
  • 7:00 PM
  • Huh! Restaurant 3401 N Hullen Metairie, La

It's me again, you're favorite neighborhood Nihongo Bin-running-type-person to let you know (in my usual super-amazing timely fashion) the date and time of our next Nihongo Bin!

Next Tuesday, Sept 24th, we will once again be meeting at Huh! A bar and restaurant at 7 pm for our next discussion on the Japanese Culture and....wait for it....I will NOT be talking this time. That's right, my friends, one of our very own is stepping up to do his very own presentation and I will be joining you all to watch! Clint Stroman will be the first of many to give his own presentatin on Japanese culture and he has decided on FILM. Which kind of film genres I'll leave as a surprise but this brave man will be stepping in front of you all to give his very own presentation on another aspect of Japanese culture!

Remember, folks; this group is designed so that ANYONE can lead a session. To do so, just let me know. I know there are currently several people working on presentations and, for those working on it and those interested, this is what you need to have in any presentation

  1. Powerpoint works best. Remember my first presentation? Yeah. Just do a power point. I'll help if need be
  2. Triple check everything you research. There ARE true things on the internet. Somewhere.
  3. Incorporate culture. This is a group about Japanese culture. Make sure you incorporate how your topic affects them on a cultural level.
  4. You should be showing members how to recognize or utilize what you're talking about. Remember what the differences are between shrines and temples? Course you do. But I never spoke about the religions themselves at all.
  5. Please submit to me as soon as you can so I can go over and see if any changes or additions need to be made.
  6. Bring a laptop. If not, I'll bring mine.
  7. Got stuff to show? Bring it! 
  8. Want to get people involved? Do it!

If you have any questions, always let me know. I will happily do what I can to help you out. 

Also, if you have any ideas for topics or subjects but don't want to do the presentation yourself, let me know. I'll happily get them incorporated if I can. 

Finally, the Japan Society is looking for additional events we can have for our members. In the works: Kanji classes, children's day and some possible martial arts. But...We're still looking for more. If you have any ideas of what you would like to do within the society - maybe some new events based off interests of yours - Let me know. We want our members to be more than just members. We want you all to be active and lots to do within a society that you choose to join based off your love for the Japanese Culture. Give us ideas of where to go and what you'd like to see the society do for you and we'll do what we can to make it happen.

*from this point on is the usual stuff that I just copy and pasted here*

Nihongo Bin, for those new to us, is a discussion group on any and all aspects of the Japanese culture. This group is designed less to teach you about the language and more about teaching you to properly function in Japan's culture. You will learn some key phrases and words but mostly gain a familiarity with how things work or what and where they are in Japanese culture. Also, For anyone interested in running one of these sessions, Nihongo Bin is designed for people to be able run a session on their own and teach people about Japanese subjects that interest them. Anyone in this group is able to lead a session or, if you are not comfortable being up there alone, I will happily do the session with you. If you just can't be in front of people, just give me the information and I will lead the session with full credits to you. All anyone interested has to do is let me know :)

Huh! a restaurant and bar is happy to host us again. Come by with your appetites and enjoy some fantastic foods while learning about Japan. For those who haven't been yet, Huh! is located at 3401 N Hullen in Metairie.
Nihongo Bin is just one of the events open to the members of the Japan Society of New Orleans and we are working on adding many additional events and items to our workings as we rebuild our membership. As such, Nihongo Bin is freely open to any active Japan Society member but those who are non members may come enjoy 2 meetings on. After that, please support our non profit and become a member. Membership is low cost but high benefit to all who are interested in all things Japan :)
Current JSNO members, if you know anyone with a love or interest in Japan, or who are just hungry and want to enjoy a nice presentation, please feel free to bring them along. Guests are highly encouraged so, please, bring some friends. And if they like us, help them join up.
And don't forget our resident teacher of the Japanese language we all love, Romy, has special group rates and you're more than welcome to sign up with her should you wish to better familiarize yourself with Japanese.

And for another upcoming event, We will be showing A Boy and his Samurai at Cafe Istanbul on 9/9 at 7 pm so, please, come check it out. Excellent movie!

Finally, our website is finally redesigned and looks professional!! Please visit www.japansocietyofneworleans.org to see what's on it! It's also a great place to learn about any and all upcoming events and, for those who haven't yet, sign up :). 
That is all for this message of average length. See y'all next week!


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